Qubitunes is an interactive audio game console for kids 3 and up. Play games, interact within stories, control music bands, and much more. A Research & Development work for QUBS AG.


We were asked by the Swiss company to develop a screen-free RFID audio player that could read multiple tags at the same time. At the beginning of the project, the primary interest was to create interactive stories where children could change the narrative by adding / removing characters from the stage. However, it quickly became clear that the technology we were developing had potentials for other activities such as games, music and so on. We therefore went on to design it with the systems of game consoles in mind.


Think of it as a video game console but with no screen, only sound. Each game comes with its own cartridge and set of wooden blocks with unique RFID tags embedded into them. To interact with it, the child brings the desired blocks onto the stage (RFID antenna) and follows the audio prompts.


Qubitunes main components are made from maple plywood to give it a warm and friendly feel while at the same time distributing rich quality audio. An injected plastic base underneath it holds all of the internal components.


Electronic & Software Engineering: Studio Peter Krige
Mechanical Engineering: Christophe Machet


For more info, visit QUBS website here.