Cody Block

Cody Block is a Montessori inspired, screen-free wooden toy that helps young children learn the basics of computer programming through tangible play.


Cody Block is centered on a little wooden car called Cody that has to find its way home through 16 Building Blocks which act as commands. The task for children is to lay out a path that leads Cody back to his house by positioning the Building Blocks in the correct order. The patented RFID technology embedded in every wooden block allows children to play with Cody for hours without the need for any smartphone, laptop or screen.


Product Design work for QUBS AG. The company approached our studio for the concept, design, development & prototyping services. We were in charge of the product design (from conceptualisation to user testing) along with the project management of it. In addition to these, we also created all the content & strategy of the Kickstarter campaign.


We collaborated with Studio Peter Krige and Studio Christoph Machet for the software & mechanical engineering, Joao Fazenda for the illustration work, and In The Shade Of A Tree for the Brand Identity.


We developed the product with these factors in mind: being playful and intuitive while at the same time being a beautiful little wooden toy with a life of its own. We intentionally did not incorporate light or sound, and there are no visible electronics. Just a moving car driving through the city blocks.