Cody Block

Product & Industrial Design work for QUBS AG. The company approached our studio for the concept, design, development & prototyping services. We were in charge of the whole product design (from conceptualisation to user testing) along with the project management of it. We worked with the company and its factory to bring the product from concept all the way to full scale manufacturing.


Cody Block teaches kids computational thinking through tactile screen-free play. Help Cody find his way home by coding through the cityscape one block at a time! From 3 years old and up.


We developed the product with these factors in mind: being playful and intuitive while at the same time being a beautiful little wooden toy with a life of its own. The patented RFID technology embedded in every wooden block allows us to make the electronics invisible and we intentionally did not incorporate any Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or app so that it can be passed from one generation to another.


Electronic & Software Engineering: Studio Peter Krige
Mechanical Engineering: Christophe Machet
Illustration work: Joao Fazenda


For more info, visit QUBS website here.