Router Box

A box for your (ugly) Wi-Fi router.


Finding the right place to store the Wi-Fi router in the house or the office is a tricky one. Most of us hide it under the sofa, inside a cupboard or in some other place to be out of sight.


There is a paradox in trying to hide it and the fact that it should ideally be placed in an open space with as little obstruction as possible to perform at its best.


Router Box solves this paradox through a simple, yet elegant, cardboard box. The box fits most Wi-Fi routers and its various cables; the use of cardboard does not block any signal. It sits quietly in an open space, removing all visual clutter. At the front, a card is easily accessible for guests, giving them the only two pieces of information needed on a router, the network name & its password.


High quality kraft double-wall cardboard stock, cards printed on GFSmith Colorplan paper. Made in France.


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